#thundersnow Possible travel disruption at airports – be aware!

Heathrow Airport, is one of many airports, who has advised travelers to take extra caution if traveling to or from the airport today. Also to check the flight status of flights to and from Heathrow Airport. Many airlines have delayed or cancelled flights due to the possibility of adverse weather conditions. Snow has crept into Scotland and is on it’s way across the rest of the UK throughout the next 48 hrs or so. Snow, combined with stormy conditions could lead to what is known as “thundersnow” a snowfall with a thunderstorm. It is uncertain this morning, whether the heavy rain and storms coming across the south of the country will meet with icy winds causing the change to snow by late this afternoon and into the evening. Please stay safe and don’t make any journeys you don’t have too. Here is the link to the met office weather warning: http://www.metoffice.gov.uk

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